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„Na przełęczy” Stanisława Witkiewicza w syntezach dziejów literatury polskiej

  1. Wiesław A. Wójcik


Stanisław Witkiewicz’s Na przełęczy in histories of Polish literature

The overview, presented in the article, of opinions by historians of Polish literature about Witkiewicz’s writings about the Tatras, especially his flagship work — Na przełęczy [On a Mo­untain Pass] — clearly shows that most of them, comparing Witkiewicz’s oeuvre to that of other Polish writers at the time, appreciated his artistic and social significance, his role in building readers’ sensitivity to the beauty of the Tatra landscape, to the exoticism of the culture of Podhale highlanders. This seems to be the central idea of fragments of these studies cited in the article as examples. In addition, all of them — indirectly or explicitly — point to the untypical structure Witkiewicz’s book of the Tatras, hindering its genological typology and making it impossible to unequivocally assign it to a specific kind or genre of literature.

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Góry, Literatura, Kultura

10, 2016

Strony od 173 do 185

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