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Benedyktyni na górach, cystersi w dolinach — usytuowanie polskich klasztorów jako element tradycji i współczesnej komunikacji wizerunkowej

  1. Igor Borkowski


Benedictines in the mountains, Cistercians in the valleys — the location of Polish monasteries as an element of tradition and modern image communication

Like in the past, today, too, the location of a monastery as a place of seclusion and contemplation is by no means insignificant. Another aspect is that of the image — a monastery location on top of a mountain, among mountain tops or, on the contrary, in a river valley is still an important element in building its image. Those who are fortunate to live in such a monastery — a place of elevation or seclusion in inaccessible mountain valleys — can also point to this topographic feature as an opportunity to perfectly fulfil their spiritual location. In part one the author points to numerous examples demonstrating that the location of a monastery has usually been one of the important aspects of building a positive story of the place and the people living in it.

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Góry, Literatura, Kultura

9, 2015

Strony od 51 do 65

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