„Przeklęte miejsce […], gdzie diabeł i jego dzieci nadal stąpają po ziemi!” — Karpaty i Wyżyna Transylwańska w kulturze popularnej

  1. Halina Kubicka


“Cursed spot […], where the devil and his children still walk with earthly feet!” — the Carpathians and the Transylvanian Upland in popular culture

The article is an attempt to provide an overview — in a historical-geographical-cultural perspective — of the image, strongly rooted in popular culture, of the Carpathians and the Transylvanian Upland seen as a locus horridus. The author points to elements (figures and attributes) typical of popular image of this region and refers to texts that have influenced this image. The analysed texts include both literary works (e.g. B. Stoker’s Dracula or J. Verne’s The Carpathian Castle) as well as ethnographic works and travelogues.

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Góry, Literatura, Kultura

6, 2012

Pages from 151 to 164

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